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All the devices and appliances in our homes have their own importance. Their role in making our daily life comfortable cannot be neglected at any cost. We should take care of these appliances and electrical devices. A real problem occurs when any of them get broken or damaged. At that stage, we become really anxious and look for an immediate solution to the issue. In fact, we need a professional technician to solve the issue.

No one would like to buy a new appliance or electrical equipment when it could be fixed by expert hands. Moreover, do not ever try to fix electrical appliances yourself, because you could harm the devices as well.

Microwave is very important electrical appliance in our homes. It is used to cook delicious food and dishes. It is one of the main things in the kitchen. But when it is in a bad condition, it devastates everything — it puts everyone in trouble.

Before considering in detail the elimination of malfunctions listed below, we consider it necessary to say that before diagnosing and repairing it is necessary to disconnect the appliance from the power supply, that is, pull the plug from the outlet. A microwave usually has the following typical malfunctions and solutions to them:

No response to the power button: In order to repair the control module yourself, it is necessary to have certain skills in radio electronics, without them it is not recommended to start repair of the control module.

The microwave oven does not turn off after operating: In most cases, this issue indicates a malfunction of the door position micro switch. To fix the issue, our expert will find, check and, if necessary, replace the circuit breaker.

Low heat: Most often, this malfunction is associated with a voltage drop in the household electrical network. If it falls, there is a sharp decrease in the intensity of the microwave stream. This issue is typical for private houses in rural areas, where the overvoltage of the power grid regularly occurs, and as a result, the voltage drop. When the diagnostics of the magnetron circuit did not give results, then everything indicates issues with the control module.

No heat: Such a malfunction clearly indicates issues in the magnetron power circuit. The magnetron must be changed to the same type. This is due to the fact that the parameters of the high-voltage transformer and the control circuit are calculated based on the specific model of the microwave generator.

Sparking: Such a malfunction can be caused by the following reasons: 1. Burning of the mica plate, which insulates the waveguide from splashes and pieces of food. 2. During operation, the cover of the coupler burned out. 3. The “wrong” plate was put in the microwave.

The plate does not rotate: First of all, it is necessary to check whether the pallet is not blocked by any foreign object, and whether it is installed correctly. If everything is normal, then the reason lies in the drive. This may be due to the following reasons: 1. A jammed motor (detected tactilely). In these cases, a replacement drive is required. 2. The problem with the gearbox. In this case, it all depends on the design. In some cases, the gearbox can be repaired. But, as practice shows, its replacement will be easier and cheaper.

No reaction to the control panel: In modern appliances, such a malfunction indicates issues with the control module. In appliances with an electromechanical control system, it makes sense to check the mechanical relays or switches, if necessary, replace defective parts.

When turned on, the display does not work: If the power indicator lights up when turned on, but the digital display does not work, then everything indicates an issue with the control module. It must be repaired or replaced by our professional and experienced experts.

Before starting the repair, it is necessary to gather as much information as possible about the failed appliance. Ideally, this is a service manual for a specific model. In this document, the manufacturer provides all the necessary data, from the exploded view to the troubleshooting algorithm. If the documentation could not be found, and this will happen in most cases, do not worry, typical malfunctions of the microwave oven can be determined without the presence of a circuit diagram. It is enough to know how the basic elements look and where they can be located. What tools are needed? Accordingly, spare parts will also be needed, which will be clear after the diagnosis. So, as you can see, repair is very difficult task and you should be very serious in finding a suitable solution to any issue in your appliance. Your better decision is call our San Diego Microwave Repair. Our licenced technician will be at your doorstep within a short time.

The benefits of professional help are very big. Thanks to the services like San Diego Microwave Repair, today you can call the expert, if you cannot lead broken appliances to the service center. Masters from our company specialize in the repair of any household appliances and Microwaves. As a rule, they respond to requests promptly, they quickly solve the issues of breakage. In the process of his work, a professional master not only eliminates the defect, but also identifies the cause of the breakdown, which is also subject to liquidation. Professionals can repair any household appliances, whether it is a refrigerator or a microwave, or a freezer, a washing machine and a dishwasher, or serious and expensive climate control equipment.

There are numerous expert services in every area that can provide you a rapid solution for any non-working appliances, but San Diego Microwave Repair stands out of other companies, as we are trusted for years by the natives.

A Short Overview Of San Diego Microwave Repair

San Diego Microwave Repair is a professional company operating in California. We offer a vast variety of services in the context of repairing the home appliances. We will guide and assist you regarding various issues and rational solutions for broken appliances. We happily accept any job that comes to us. Our employees are active to accept the orders and give the most reliable and affordable services. Although, there are many other expert companies, our services stand out from the others because of reliability and consistency.

Whether the problem is a simple or complex our experts will solve it in any case. We have been providing our services for decades and our professional experts are admired and recommended by the clients for their trustworthiness.

Our San Diego Microwave Repair company was founded a few years ago. At that time we had just a few members, who were operating in limited areas. But with the passage of time, by virtue of exceptional commitment and solving the issues of locals made it enable to expand in other areas of California.

Our company is trustworthy and local, we are recognized in most areas because of our efficient results. We possess a wide list of certifications and expertise which makes us stand out as compared to our competitors. It’s our brand recognition and trustworthiness that people hire our experts rather the competitor companies.

Studies And Surveys About Hiring Professional Experts For Getting The Appliances Repaired

Conclusively, there are countless advantages of hiring certified and qualified specialists for fixing any issues regarding your appliances. It is always about saving your money and efforts. However, mental satisfaction is also crucial. In our whole life, we may have a tendency to make mistakes. So we, in fact, learn from these mistakes, and we don’t repeat them. Similarly, while having certain problems concerning electrical appliances, we must prefer to go after a rational way of learning from past mistakes and improving our choices.

Advantages of San Diego Appliance Repair are countless. You are just a call away from professional help. Of course, the professional services cost a certain amount of money, however, very often, their services are the only true solution to the problem of fixing household appliances.

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